Embroidery Q&A

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What is embroidery





Embroidery is the rendering of a logo, name, design etc using thread. Machine embroidery is the practice of using a sewing machine or specialty embroidery machine to create freeform stitch patterns or personal designs onto various surfaces. Embroidery.com offers designs to be used with computerized embroidery machines. These designs are digitized computer files that are read by the embroidery machine and then sewn-out onto the desired surface.

Machine embroidery can often appear intimidating, but having the essential materials to use your embroidery machine can alleviate the novice embroiderer in their new-found adventure. Needles, thread, stabilizer, bobbins, and the perfect design from Windsor Forge Embroidery are the keys to attractive and successful machine embroidery.



How much does embroidery cost?


Final cost depends on the number of stitches in your artwork. For a free quote, email your artwork and order size to info@windsorforgeembroidery.com.


Do you have a minimum quantity order?


Embroidery minimums are generally12 pieces per logo. However, we make exceptions for special projects and existing customers.

What do you need to digitize my logo?


We can digitize your logo using any digital image. You can send us the artwork of your logo in any computerized format such as JPG, PDF, EPS, AI. Once our clients design is digitized you own the rights to the design. There is no additional fee should you wish to take your design elsewhere.


What if my logo is already digitized?


If you already have your logo digitized, you can email it to us and avoid the setup fee. However, your logo must be in a DST format. Acceptable embroidery files include Tajima, Barudan and Melco digitized embroidery files. We recommend you include a JPEG file along with the digitized file. Impressive Image Works is not responsible for the embroidery quality of customer supplied DST files.

Turn Around Time?


We try to keep in a two week turn around time, this is from the moment the garments are received, and clients have signed off on their order. Our turnaround is 7-10 business days however we are flexible with rush orders. If you have a specific deadline let us know before so we can schedule your order so we can work closely with you on the time line.


Can I choose a specific thread color?


Yes, see the Madeira electronic color cards and choose the thread number. While every attempt is made to reproduce thread colors accurately, colors on your monitor or printed on paper may not precisely match actual thread colors. For precise matching please refer to the physical color card at our office.


All first time customers are required to 50% deposit at the moment the order is placed. Once order is done, balance of the payment will be due before pickup or shipping. All other orders are due upon delivery.

Why do you need vector-based artwork? Can’t you just use any image file?

We can use a jpeg file however it will need to be converted Vector art is the standard format for the printing and embroidery industry. Vector art can be scaled easily. For example, a 1”x1” vector logo be expanded to a 10’x10’ logo without it becoming pixelated. Also, vector art is the only type of file that can be used in the process of digitizing for embroidery.

Can't I just make my non-vector image (.jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .psd) into a vector image by taking it into Photoshop and saving it as either an .eps or .ai file?

For the most part, we welcome you to use any fonts that you would like, but please make sure to outline them before you send us the artwork. In the event that the font you choose will not embroider well (too thin or too small), WFE will work with you to find a comparable substitute or a different solution.

Why do you not allow my previously digitized file?

We do however once we get in to look at the design it maybe to dense meaning to many stitches and makes your design look to thick. We pride ourselves on our work and while we do welcome digitized artwork we also reserve the right not to use it and of course during the Art process we will work with you on this situation. It taken client by client. In the past, we have allowed customers to send in their previously digitized files. However, these frequently present problems as these files are unable to be changed and have to be used “as is”. This means we have to forfeit any creative and quality control, which often leads to embroidery that does not meet our quality standards.

If I pay WFE to do custom artwork, do I own the art file?

All designs and digitized embroidery files created by WFE are owned and remain the creative property of WFE whether or not the design has been charged an art set-up fee. If we converted your design to vectorized art and you paid an art fee, we will supply you that file upon request.

What is your order change and cancellation policy?

Order changes and cancellations are accepted until art approval if customer supplied artwork, if we must order the garments there will be a restocking fee which is determined by the vendor we order from. . Once approved, no order changes or cancellations can be accepted.


We are proud of WFE long-standing reputation of creating excellent custom artwork on behalf of our customers. Please note, however, that all orders which involve custom designs are not officially accepted by WFE until we receive, review and approve your artwork to make sure that it meets our Art Submission Standards, our technical production standards (ex. size or letter limits). Please note that Custom Art designs include any name drop design in which the customer…

  1. wishes to change one or more design elements that were not intended to be edited; OR
  2. utilize a custom graphic as part of the Namedrop stock design Such requests are subject to our custom artwork guidelines, art fees and brand standard review.


In general, WFE will make every effort to work with you on the custom design element on your product. Many custom designs are submitted within our above General Requirements and the customer’s custom art revisions are quick to make. If so, we will not charge a fee. However, if the design is outside our submission requirements, or the revisions take longer than 20-30 minutes, or are excessive (numerous re-works), please understand a standard $50 art fee will need to be applied to your order.


In most cases, we welcome your unique graphic design ideas for our products. However, WFE is not a graphic design studio where we have the available resources to custom develop logos for customers. While we are happy to work on custom programs for order opportunities of a certain size, we simply do not have the graphic design staff to develop original graphics without impacting our goals for delivery and design excellence for every customer.Should we need to bring in a graphic design artist, the fee will be based upon that fee set forth by the designer. We do not take any referral fees or fees from the graphic artist.